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Boats, Yachts, Ribs, Jet Skis and more to customise exterior and interior surfaces
Branding with the latest design knowledge and eye catching products.
Colour change wrapping for your personal possessions, cars, vans, motorcycles and more
Paint protection london
UPVC doors, windows, walls,  kitchens, bathroom tiles, cupboards and too many to list...
Car wrapping london
A World of Vinyl Wrapping
Wraptition specialise in vinyl wrapping throughout the UK. Established June 2011 and located in Southampton, UK, Wraptition have wrapped a wide range of vehicles, offices, homes and much more, greatly expanding our unique home wrapping service with huge demand. Now, over 3,000 colours and textures to choose from with an incredible long lasting lifespan its the perfect way to customise, protect or brand your vehicle, boat, office, home and many other objects with endless possibilities
For Commercial users, Image is everything and not just your vehicles but your premises and offices are important too. From flat glass printed application to unique full colour wall wrap drops and UPVC coating wrapping. Furniture wrapping is a cost effective and classy way to enhance the look of existing desks and cabinets and using our full colour digital printer we can pantone match any brand. For commercial vehicle branding we have the experience in design and can use an idea to create a strong brand throughout your company.
More on office wrapping below or BRANDING IDEAS
Colour change wrapping is a great passion at Wraptition. With over 12 years experience in wrapping we have the knowledge to apply a wide range of materials expanding our colour range. Car wrapping was first established by KPMF in Germany 1995 originally used for a low cost colour change for taxis. Progressing over the years from a cheap removable option to a stylish classy way to customise and protect your car, has the top manufactures competing with new colours regularly and more advanced technology, not just in application but in lifespan and overall appearance of the vinyl with high gloss, chrome and carbon fibre effects available. From basic exterior wrapping to a full colour change with door shuts or even to de chrome grills and window surrounds, big or small we can suit your budget and requirements.
Check out our gallery for our world of  WRAPPING
Boat wrapping is a stylish and cost effective way to transom.....transform your hull or interior surfaces on your boat, yacht, rib or jet ski. Our material is tough, using only warranted products for marine usage and our professional installation is sealed with a wrap sealant pen.
Check out the gallery for some stunning transformations! BOAT WRAPS
Paint Protection London
Paint Protection film has become so advanced in the opacity and strength. Now using Suntek Ultra, your car is protected from stone chips and light to medium scratches self heal...YES, self healing paint protection film! Using hot water or simply leaving the car to naturally heal can have a dull car to showroom finish in minutes. Check out paintprotection.ltd for a full gallery and pricing.
Home wrapping
Home Wrapping is the new and fast growing industry which can transform a house into a home in days with no mess and no large bill. A huge range of textured wood effects, high gloss PVC kitchen door replacements, custom wallpaper and much more available making the ideas and opportunities endless.
Unlike painted walls and wood in homes with skirting boards for example will not discolour and is easily cleaned with a simple wipe on gloss, textured and certain
matte effects. For more information and a full list of options check out homewraps.co.uk